PARADISE - A Beautiful Bong by HERO LOVE

Smooth, rich bong hit after hit after hit!

Meet your PARADISE, a beautiful glass bong by HERO LOVE. Equipped with both Stereo Matrix and Arm Tree percolators, PARADISE passes smoke through the stereo matrix percolators where the smoke is then met with Arm Tree style percolators that diffuse the smoke one last time. PARADISE is made from thick, premium quality glass for strength and durability.

Through the use of multiple percolators, PARADISE is able to reward its bong user with smooth filtered, deep bong hit after hit after hit!

PARADISE Bong Height: 35cm/14inches

PARADISE by HERO LOVE is Available in 3 colors:

Signature Shield
Ice Blue
Arctic White

HERO Bongs Ice Catcher Bong

Ice Catchers

Ice Catchers are great for beautiful bongs. Ice Catchers allow you to insert a couple of ice cubes through the top of your bong. Ice catcher bongs deliver a smoother, cooler hit again and again!

HERO Bongs Arm Tree Percolator Bong

Arm Tree Percolators

Arm Tree percolators are designed to filter your smoke. The PARADISE bong by HERO LOVE uses a powerful multi-arm Arm Tree percolator for that extra smooth filtering. Take a hit from your hero PARADISE and see where you end up!

HERO Bongs Stereo Matrix Percolator

Stereo Matrix Percolators

Stereo Matrix percolators are designed to filter your smoke, and create a smooth, circulating action as a result. The PARADISE bong by HERO LOVE offers a beautiful stereo matrix percolator as the first part of the smoke filtering process.