How To Fill Your Bong

The key to getting the smoothest hit possible off your bong is water level. If you have too little water its no good. Too much? And you will get water in your mouth. Which is a bad time! But by adding just the right amount of water, this allows proper filtration of smoke. And for anyone who has ever forgotten to put water in. You know how awful that hit to your throat can be! Did we also tell you that some HERO bongs have ICE CATCHERS built into them? The hit you get from a HERO bong with ice in it is remarkable. By far the smoothest I have experienced!

Water may be added through the stem piece (please take the bowl out first! You will want to add enough water so that the bottom of the stem piece is submerged in water. This amount will be sufficient for a good hit! It is also advised to add s thin layer of water on the percolator as well! Just a thin layer will do! You should empty your bong water regularly. This will ensure a pleasant smoking experience for you and your friends!

Another wonderful addition to some of our HERO bongs is the ICE CATCHER.

Pop a couple of cold ones in through the mouth piece for a surprisingly “cool” hit.

The first chamber below the mouth piece has small glass rivets built in, allowing ice cubes to be held in place. As you take the hit, once the smoke passes this chamber containing the ice cubes, what was once hot smoke is now converted into a smooth, icy cool hit. You will feel the difference once you take a hit, as it takes away any harshness that may come with a raw hit.

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