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“Absolutely perfect in every way! Excellent craftsmanship and quality all around. The glass work is just beautiful, its stable and allows super smooth draw. Not to mention my grandma still doesn’t know what it is!”

David. B

Canada, EH!

“Fantastic rig, one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. The quality of glass and the intricate use of multiple percolators is outstanding. I know this bong is going to stand the test of time. Great job guys!”

Allie. A


“The ice catcher is by far my favorite part! The cool hit feels so good! Before, I used to find bongs harsh. But by adding ice, it really impacts the hit on my throat! Very cool HERO bongs!”

Brianna. P


“What an absolute treat! I received a HERO bong from a good friend for my birthday this year. I was never a huge bong person. Assuming I would cough up a lung I stayed clear. But this is amazing, the hit is so smooth. I highly recommend!”


Lorie. L


“The shower head diva, stereo matrix, and honeycomb percolators among-st many others are works of art. Never before have I been able to receive such smooth hits of a bong. Outstanding.”

Dan. A


“I am not the most agile person and I know there are others like me! Knowing that my bong is made with premium, thick glass is worth every penny, the quality and craftsmanship of these rigs is amazing. If you have not tried one, what are you waiting for!?”


Michael. H


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