How To Clean Your Bong

Cleaning a percolator bong is a little more difficult then cleaning your old run-of-the-mill bong. But there is no need to be scared or intimidated! With the help of a couple of useful liquids and steady hands, you’ll have a clean rig in no time!!

Firstly, take extra precaution while cleaning your bong. Things can get slippery quick, and the last thing you want to do is drop your bong on the floor! You’ll want to wash it in your kitchen or bathroom! No messes around here. 😉
You will need a couple of things to aid you, firstly is some cleaning detergent. Such as rubbing alcohol. You’ll also need warm water to rinse the alcohol out, please never put hot water in your bong as this can break the glass.

You’ll want to take out the stem/bowl. Now pour about an inch and a half down into the base of your bong, you will want to pour some alcohol down the mouth piece as well until a thin layer is over the percolators. Plug the bowl opening with one hand and your other hand on the mouth piece and CAREFULLY turn the bong from side to side to allow the alcohol to penetrate each section. You may shake from side to side as well. Always remembering to be cautious like your holding a newborn.

Now that you have applied and shaken the rubbing alcohol in your bong, you will want to ensure that you thoroughly rinse the bong out with warm water. *Smoking alcohol is never suggested. And again, never put hot/boiling water in your bong.


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