BLISS - A Beautiful Bong by HERO LOVE

Smooth, deep bong hits - Every Time!
HERO - Bong-Bliss - Arctic White

Meet BLISS, a beautiful glass bong by HERO LOVE. Designed with multiple percolators, smoke flows from the bong’s bowl, down the stem where it is broken up through the shower head percolator. It then rises through a splash guard percolator, where the smooth flavorful smoke reaches your taste buds through the mouth piece.

The BLISS bong is small and tough and is designed to withstand! Perched on a thick base, and made with premium glass to provide you time and time again with smooth smoke and a great bong hit!

BLISS Bong Height: 25 cm/10 inches

BLISS Bong by HERO LOVE is Available in 3 colors:

Signature Shield
Ice Blue
Arctic White

HERO Bongs Durable Glass

Durable Glass

All HERO LOVE bongs including the beautiful BLISS bong are made from thick, premium quality durable glass. HERO LOVE bongs can take a hit, just like you!

HERO Bongs Splash Guard Percolator Bong

Splash Guard Percolators

Splash Guard percolators are designed to filter your smoke and keep the water inside your beautiful HERO LOVE bong. The BLISS bong by HERO LOVE uses a splash guard percolator for that extra smooth filtering. Take a hit from our hero BLISS and see where you end up!

HERO Bongs Hottub Percolator Bong
Hot Tub Percolators
The Hot Tub percolators are designed to filter your smoke. The BLISS bong by HERO LOVE uses a Hot Tub percolator as the first part of the filtering process. This is a smaller bong and is perfect to keep in your favorite place to get higher. The BLISS Bong from HERO LOVE.