What Makes A Hero Percolator?

If you have ever had the pleasure of using a Hero Percolator, you know they are not just paraphernalia. They are works of art that you can smoke of. Through the use of multiple percolators and percolator styles, you are able to smoke what is by far some of the smoothest smoke around.

HERO Percolator Designs

EVERY Hero Bong contains one or more of the following percolators; Honeycomb, Shower head, Arm tree or the Stereo matrix percolators. By adding more than one style percolator, you are able to get the smoothest hit possible, far smoother than other bongs on the market today!

HERO Ice Catchers

Designed into our large sized┬áHero bongs are ice catchers. Ice catchers allow for a cool, smooth hit. Pop a couple ice cubes in and let the “cool” factor set in.

Fantastic! I just adore my HERO percolator. The dedication that must go into making these pieces is amazing. Its functional art. And by functional art I mean art I can smoke out of! Thanks guys!”


Hero Bongs

Heavy duty glass and intricate series of filters make Hero bongs some of the smoothest bongs available on the market. Regardless of your smoking needs, from large pieces to easy to conceal pieces. Hero bongs will have the perfect match for you!

Step Away From The Hero

By utilizing the science of modern glass blowing techniques with the wonder that has come to the game of bongs; Filtration, is how Hero bongs is able to produce premium bongs that are built to last. Bongs are made with heavy-duty industrial grade glass, and finished with heavy duty joints guaranteed to stand time. Buy combining the science of filtration with modern glass blowing techniques you can enjoy smooth smoke with great flavour again and again.

HERO Series Designs

Hero bongs are available in six different styles; DAZED, NIRVANA, PARADISE, HARMONY, BLISS and AURORA. Each HERO bong is available in 3 different colors: Signature shield, Arctic white and Ice blue. Which will you choose?

“Truly some of the smoothest smoke around! Currently I am using the Showerhead percolator and WOW!! Great job Hero bongs!”


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